Funds Raised

Fight Hunger Foundation was founded in 2012 in Mumbai, registered under Section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956. The Foundation tackles the root causes of malnutrition and its effects, focusing on prevention, detection and treatment of under-nutrition of children under fives, looking at emergency assistance, recovery and long term development. This is done by integrating programs locally and nationally, prompting a community based approach, strengthening the health system and supporting scientific research. Fight Hunger Foundation is currently operational in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.
We completed 3 years of operations in August 2015.

Our strategy for fighting malnutrition is based on 3 Pillars :
 1.  Awareness-raising : Promoting the management of acute malnutrition in order to provide our stakeholders including the Indian Government to influence effective change in policy and practice.
  2.  Community projects:  Detection, treatment and prevention of Malnutrition in Hospitals, Health centres and communities.
  3.  Research : To understand the underlying causes of Acute Malnutrition.